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Security Awareness

Dear Valued Clients, Please be advised that a fake website ( is being propagated through social media and is masquerading as Inter-Pacific Corporate website ( By accessing the fake website, you may unknowingly share your online trading login infomation to the scammer.Please ensure that you only access our official websites ( or for any communication and trading activities. If you notice any suspicious websites/emails/enquiries/invitations/scams, please contact us at 03-2117 1888 or email us at to verify the authenticity of such communication. Thank You.



BTS2TR Phase 2A – Pre-Live Test on 2 April 2022

Please be informed that PacOnline and iPacOnline trading services will not be accessible from 1 April 2022 6pm to 2 April 2022 6pm because of Bursa Trade Securities 2 Technology Refresh (BTS2TR) Phase 2A Pre-Live Test. The Objective of the Pre-Live Test is to ensure that the BTS2TR Phase 2A is ready to Go-Live on Monday, 4 April 2022.Any inconvenience caused is much regretted.



ISERF qualified as SRI fund

InterPac Social Enterprise and Responsibility Fund (ISERF) has been qualified as a sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) fund by Securities Commission Malaysia on 26 February 2018.



Share Consolidation / Capital Reduction

Dear Valued Online Clients, Please be informed that effective on 15 May 2020, we will ceased trading blocks on securities which are undergoing share consolidation / capital reduction exercises. To facilitate your trading during the period from Ex-Date to Book Closure Date, we will provide an indicative shareholding based on the adjusted ratio as provided by Bursa. Kindly refer to your Dealer’s Representative if you require further details or clarifications.



T+2 Settlement Cycle

Please be informed that Bursa Malaysia has announced that T+2 settlement cycle will take effect on Monday, 29 April 2019.



Bursa Phase 2B Pre-Live 2 July 2022

Please be informed that PacOnline trading services will not be accessible from 1 July 2022 6pm to 2 July 2022 6pm due to Bursa Pre-Live mock run.Any inconvenience caused is much regretted.



Important Notices

Dear Valued Clients, We wish to draw your attention to important notices in relation to: Self-Certification by Client in relation to Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and Common Reporting Standard (CRS). Read MoreForeign Exchange Administration (FEA) Policy by Bank Negara Malaysia. Read More Thank you.



Intraday Short Selling

Dear Valued Clients, We are pleased to announce that the Intraday Short Selling (IDSS) facility is currently available to our clients effective from 23/10/2018. Please contact your dealer’s representative if you wish to apply for the IDSS facility. Kindly note that the IDSS trading features is only available in our new Paconline trading platform. Click HERE to access the IDSS user Guides. Thank you.