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Investment Research


Inter-Pacific Research Sdn. Bhd is a niche investment adviser firm offering targeted equity research to our clients. Our approach to stock picking is mainly based on a long-term value approach determined by our matrix of criteria for retail as well as institutional investors that enhance shareholder value. However, we also pay attention to short-term tactical opportunities that are an integral feature of financial market dynamics.


We provide a range of research products and services which include the following:

  • Strategy Notes/Economic Analysis and Reports
  • IPO Notes
  • Morning News
  • End of Day Market Wrap-up Reports
  • Sector Reports and Analysis

Research Methodology

Our stock selection approach is premised on our understanding of global as well as local business trends. This is bolstered by our steady adherence to principles of risk management and first-hand knowledge of listed companies gleaned from company visits. With the benefit of the experience of our analysts, some of whom have had the hindsight of industry experience over many stock market as well as economic cycles, we believe we can offer insights often missed by industry peers.

Valuation of Securities and Businesses

We provide valuations of companies, businesses and securities through combination of various analytical techniques and broad experience in selection of outperforming securities.


For more information, please contact Inter-Pacific Research Sdn. Bhd.:

Victor Wan (Head, Research)
Address West Wing, Level 13, Berjaya Times Square, No.1, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
General Telephone +(603) 2117-1888
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